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  Gross B&C Score Price
  Non-Hunters $250 per day (each hunt is 3 days minimum, 2 full days and 2 half days) $750
  <150 (Base Price) $4,500
  150-159 7/8 $5,500
  160-169 7/8 $6,500
  170-179 7/8 $7,500
  180-189 7/8 $9,000
  190-199 7/8 $10,500
  200-209 7/8 $12,000
  210-219 7/8 $14,000
  220-229 7/8 $16,000
  230+ Price available upon request.

Based on the gross, Non-typical Boone and Crockett (B&C) Score per the price schedule above.  The Base Price is fully earned once the hunter has an opportunity to harvest a deer with a gross B&C score up to 149 7/8". Additional hunting days may be added at a price of $500 per day.


Corporate packages are available upon request.


* Accommodations and meals are included in the pricing above, tips for hunting guides are NOT included, but are 100% at the hunter's discretion.

We will make every effort to find a wounded animal, but in the event we are unable to locate the deer, the deer is assumed harvested, and payment-in-full is due. If we find your deer at a later date we will contact you to address shipment of your trophy.


A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to book and schedule all hunts. If you decide to cancel, in rare cases we may be able to re-book your hunt with another hunter and then refund your deposit, but that is totally at our discretion. We may also be able to reschedule your hunt in order that you not lose your deposit, but that is also at our sole discretion. Payment of the remaining balance is due upon arrival at the ranch. We accept checks and cash only. Credit cards are NOT accepted. In the rare event a hunter does NOT harvest an animal, and we are unable to schedule an additional hunt for that season, we will refund any charges in excess of the Base Price fee for the hunter. Charges for Non-Hunters will not be refunded.  


Further, if you harvest a deer, subject to our guides direction, and the deer is larger than your anticipated budget, that is on us.  Of course, we will refund any difference if the animal is smaller than your goal (we don't expect that to happen)! 

In an effort to maintain our hunting heritage for future generations, we offer discounts for youth Management Hunts (B&C score under 150") when accompanied by an adult trophy hunt. Please contact us to discuss this if you are interested.

Other Rules and Regulations:

All hunters are required to sign the Hunters Liability Release Form prior to the start of all hunts.

All hunters are required to sight-in their rifles at our shooting range prior to the start of all hunts.

For more information or to book your hunt contact Tim Dahlstrom, ranch manager, at cell: (210) 413-1313 or email: info@taddranch.com.


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