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In 2009 the ranch was high fenced, the native deer herd was harvested, and South Texas genetics were brought into the ranch. Since that time the herd has been managed to produce trophy whitetail deer. Our management goals include a 1:1 buck:doe ratio, and an appropriate age structure to produce trophy whitetail deer with several scoring in excess of 250 gross Boone and Crockett. While most of our mature deer have very typical frames (gross B&C scoring 170-200), we also have a few very large non-typical deer. In each of our first two seasons (2015-16 and 2016-17) we harvested deer with gross B&C scores over 270 and in our third season we harvested a Non-typical that gross scored over 290 and a Typical that gross scored over 190. Each of those deer placed NUMBER 1 in the State for the 2017-18 hunting season in their respective categories of Non-typical and Typical, High- Fence Division of the Texas Big Game Awards. At the time, the Non-Typical was the Number 4 all-time in the Texas Big Game Awards.

While we have been blessed by the combinations of all the genetics that we brought into the ranch, it is critical that our hunters understand that even though our perimeter is high-fenced, our deer are wild deer. All of our bucks have been conceived and born on this property, and have never been inside a breeder pen. The harvest of one of our older age-class bucks requires hunting, and is often very challenging.

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